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About Our Company

Make your car feel like a brand new one

At TopCat Auto Collision, every vehicle is treated with respect, regardless of its value.

TopCat Auto Collision was founded by a father and son who have a passion for repairing damaged vehicles in their garage as a hobby. They took their vision and have now created a business where they implement the same practices and values for their own cars with their customers. With an expert understanding of how much one values their vehicle, taking into consideration the sentimental value a vehicle can have, and most importantly keeping honest with the process is what makes TopCat Auto Collision right for you. They have built a team of experts with extraordinary talent, and passion to meet all your needs.

At TopCat no vision is unattainable.

For urgent needs, please call us directly at: (213) 393-4899, or (323)-868-5466

  • Professional Car Services
  • 8:30am to 5:30pm Services Avilable
  • Unlimited Free Checkup
  • Great Skilled Technician